Welcome to My Mental Health Heroes.

My name is Amy and I have suffered from a variety of mental health issues for the last five years. For a lot of that time these issues have been the main focus of my daily life. One way to make myself feel better and to allow me to take off the blinkers of mental illness has been focusing on those who have helped me.

I believe that in our own communities (family, friends, schools, workplaces, towns, groups of any kind) we can make a really make a difference in each others lives. My life has been saved in times of illness by a build up of small acts by those around me that have given me hope and kept me going. I want to show people what they can do with the smallest acts of kindness, so I will be posting my Weekly Mental Health Hero be it my dance teacher, a random shop assistant or the person who let me stroke their dog.

You can also check out my Online Diary to find out about my personal mental health journey. I am a writer and campaigner on mental health issues so expect some social commentary but I will also try to be as honest as possible about my experiences.

On the Resources page I will be linking to helpful sites, charities, blogs and projects that I have come into contact with over my five years as part of the wonderfully supportive and empathetic mental health community.

Over time I hope this site can become more interactive. I hope eventually I will be able to post guest blogs where people can tell their own stories of people who have helped them.

I hope you find something helpful or inspiring here!


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